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Rolf Structural Integration & Children Services

The best way to alleviate pain is to begin Rolf Structural Integration early. Beginning at birth the body can activate tension. By early childhood this strain produces emotional pressures or physical challenges that can manifest into anxiety and stress. Eventually this uneasiness becomes an instinctual pattern of muscle response; causing painful contracting tightness throughout the connective tissue. Unfortunately, this cycle can continue to manifest myofascial pain and structural problems throughout their lives. Early intervention can help prevent acquired muscular patterns of stress within the body! Over the years, I have been fortunate to work with children and young adults. I believe RSI is a beneficial pathway for children: to grow strong, happy, healthy and active bodies! Benefits for children who receive Rolf Structural Integration:



I wrote this out so that I can thank you for the gift of your healing touch - you are truly gifted and a blessing to me and I believe my health has improved so much under your expert care. I truly cannot give you enough accolades - bravo for all that you have done and continue to do! When I first came to you I was using a cane and had severe injury with contracted muscle which you eventually released and stabilized. You are a gift from God, Lindsey.cMy formerly crippled right leg thanks you! I would not hesitate to refer anyone needing healing from muscle injuries to you.

Micheal J.Ventura County

Lindsey is an amazing healer. She is exceptionally thorough in her intake and assessment of a client's needs. I am thrilled to have found her and would recommend her to anyone for both Rolfing and Therapeutic Massage.

Mary L.Westlake Village, CA

I did a full 10 week session of Rolfing massage with Lindsey, and it felt great. Even though it's not really supposed to be relaxing, Lindsey made this experience a very enjoyable for me, and I felt sad saying goodbye to her after my least session. Will be back next year!

Anya M.Thousand Oaks, CA

After completing my first session I was amazed at how I felt. I was able to have mobility in my neck that's been so tight for years. Lindsey is amazing and I can't wait to keep feeling better after each session!

Brooke C.Simi Valley, CA

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